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    Palco Chilly Bags

A must have in every household - versatile, lite and easy to carry.  Take to the Sports Field, a BBQ, on Holiday, to School or Work. 

These are also great promotional items which can be produced in a wide range of colours and screen printed with your logo's.

Insulated Bags for Supermarket Online Lockers & Deliverys - Meals On Wheels - Medical Drug and Blood Transfers - Tape and Disk Storage  

 NW_Delivery_Bags.jpg           PnS_Locker_Bags.jpg      NW_Locker_Bags.jpg

                     Delivery Bags                                                                                                          Locker Bags
Models 746n Large, 745n Small                                                                               Models 738n Large, 737n Small     

 Meals_On_Wheels_Bag_Desert.jpg           Meals_on_Wheels_Bag.jpg             392_Large_Chilly_Bag_Brinks.jpg        Depuy_Chilly_Bag.jpg
   327- Medium Insulated Bag                     545 - Large Insulated Bag                            392 - Large Chilly Bag                        507 - Wine Carry Chilly Bag  

     544_Small_Insulated_Bag_OCft.jpg            260_Chilly_Bags.jpg                261_Chilly_Bag.jpg                Chilly_Bags_grp.jpg
      544 - Small Insulated Bag                   260  - 6 pack Chilly Bag                       261 - 12 pack Chilly Bag                         262 - 24 Pack Chilly Bag
  396_Drink_Coollee.JPG                      263_Wine_Coollee.jpg

     396 - Drink Coollee                       263 - Wine Cooler

We can also custom design to meet your specific requirements. 
Minimum Order Requirements may apply.


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