PALCO NZ ~ Plastic & Leathergoods Co Ltd

   Palco Medical Backpacks

   Palco manufacture a range Backpacks and Bags for all Emergency situations
   Hardwearing, Robust, New Zealand Made Quality.  Versatile Soft Pack Designs are lite
   in weight and easy to carry.
For all levels of qualifications - General First Aiders - Nurses,
   Doctors, Medics, Paramedics, Midwives, District Nurses - there is a size to suit you.

   Medical contents shown are for display purposes only and not included with the Backpacks.


386p - Sports Trauma Backpack 


 388_-_Ambulance_EMT_1.jpg388_-_NZRT_Ambo_Pack_Rear.jpg                                      388p - Ambulance Backpack
         with external Oxygen Bottle Compartment

    593_First_Response_Pack_ST_JOHN_new.jpg 593_FRP_showing_contents.jpg
                     593p - First Response Backpack


   735p_CCDHB_Community_Health_Backpack.jpg 735p_Community_Health_Pack_Int_Ct.jpg
                      735p - Community Health Backpack

      591_Paramedic_Pack_St_John_ALS.jpg    591_Paramedic_Pack_with__Internal_velcro_strips.jpg                                                                                  
                            591p - Paramedic Backpack

 387p_-_ST_John_Prime_Pack.jpg 387p_-_St_John_Prime_Pack-inside.jpg    
87p - Prime Backpack