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   Palco Defence Products

   Palco NZ manufacture top quality, robust, hard wearing products for the Military covering Medical and
  Tactical areas.  Please contact us for further information on our range of products for Defence/Military.


         604p-CT_NZDF_Resus_Kit_ft_reduced.jpg    604p-CT_NZDF_Resus_Kit_Bag_Rear_back_reduced.jpg                       589_Paramedic_Pack_Black_-_Front.jpg    589_Paramedic_Pack_Black_-_Rear.jpg
                              604 Resuscitation Backpack                                                                                            589 Medic Backpack

     620-__NZDF_Combat_Lifesaver_Kit_DPM_Front.jpg    620_-_NZDf_Combat_Life_Saver_Rear.jpg                  641p-CT_NZDF_Thigh_Bag_Ft_reduced.jpg    641p-CT_NZDF_Thigh_Bag_Bk_reduced.jpg
                                 620 Combat Lifesaver Kit                                                                          641 Tactical Thigh Bag


     723_Medical_Pouch.jpg     723pvc_Medical_Pouch_Rear.jpg
                                                       Medical Pouch



   To Email us for for further information
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   New Zealand 0800 4PALCO       
   International 0064 63685106